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Founded in 1997, CrossCounsel is one of the leading transformational prayer centers anywhere, averaging 600 sessions a year with encouraging and often miraculous results. Authentic experiences with God lead to transformed lives sustained through God's power ~ not their own strength. We are committed to helping people experience God's transforming truth and healing in a safe environment. We help people identify root causes of emotional pain, negative beliefs, self-talk, behaviors and habits. God does the rest!


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What to Expect Your First Visit - Please watch before your first session
Watch a Live Session (from the ministry* that trained us)

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Our counselors** meet with individuals, or couples, in a counseling type setting. But we rely on the Spirit of Christ to meet people with His Gentle Power, Truth and Love. We hope you choose to experience it!

Before commiting to this process, please watch the, "What to Expect..." video, read our Info Packet below and the first 3 chapters of Healing Life's Hurts Through Theophostic Prayer* for FREE. The full downloadable version for $5.95 can be found here.

Info Packet - this packet, the videos and the "About Us" section cover the majority of what is necessary for those looking to make an appointment with us.

Follow Up Packet - a great "after session" resource.

We welcome your questions and comments regarding our site and ministry. We do our best to respond via email with 1-3 business days. Our addresses are on the sidebar to the right.

Three Things You Need to Know that Make Us Different:

For those who are searching for healing, mind renewal and transformation, we encourage you to find a place that knows:

  1. The critical role emotions play in knowing how we are growing in our walk with God
  2. How to define biblical transformation that results in miraculous freedom compared to controlled behavior that leads to pride and denial
  3. The difference between intellectual forgiveness and a heart that freely releases those who have hurt us.

*A primary vehicle we implement is from the Christ-centered principles found in Theophostic® ("God's Light") Prayer Ministry (TPM).

**not licensed

04 July 2015



Rev. Steve Freitag,

Executive Director

4690 Cottage Grove Rd.
Madison, WI 53716

(608) 819-6626

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Mary Cummings, Director

(Dallas page has addresses)
(214) 364-6328


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